Hello, my name is Julianne Benzel and I am running for California’s 4th Congressional District. I am an American History high school and college instructor. My family has been planted & invested in the Rocklin community for the past 25 years.

Why I am running for Congress:

I loathe politics as usual; it is high time for “real people” to get involved in the political process. Public, community servants can be the best representatives because they ARE the constituents. With a firm foundation and knowledge of our US Constitution and History, I believe I can help restore our basic founding principles.

On March 14, 2018 I was placed on administrative leave by my public high school for challenging my students to think critically.

YouTube link to my “backstory” is here:

My story went viral overnight and the nation vehemently came to my defense; and not just conservatives, but many liberals also reached out calling, emailing, and writing me letters of support. It was both unexpected and overwhelming, and incredibly invigorating to be able to engage with people from all across this great nation. Wave after wave of people asking me to become a candidate and use my voice.

As a historian, the election of 2016 was genuinely fascinating to me. A businessman with no political experience somehow outdid the establishment candidate. It clearly paved the way for a new era in our political process and flung the door wide open for someone like me to even consider running for office. Let’s continue the Populist Revolt!

Why I think I am qualified to run:

I’m an originalist to the US Constitution. I meet the 3 stipulations required to run. I’ve analyzed both United States foreign and domestic policy for the past 25 years so I have a firm grasp of what policies have and have not been effective. My singular goal is to work on behalf of all Americans in District 4.

YouTube link to my introductory video:

We Hope You’ll Join Us!

I pledge allegiance to the PEOPLE of CA District 4, and to the Republic, for which WE stand, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.