Julianne Benzel

“Back to the Basics”

Having over 25 years of experience in analyzing both domestic and foreign policy, I am fighting to restore the founding principles of this unique democratic Republic. CA District 4 is vast and diverse, and needs a fresh, new, louder voice in the halls of Congress. Tenured, establishment politicians are out of touch with real, everyday Americans. I am “in the trenches” with the rest of you! My family and I have lived, worked, and served in our District 4 community for the past two decades. We are an avid outdoors family: camping in Yosemite Valley & Huntington Lake, hiking and kayaking in Donner and Fallen Leaf Lakes, and skiing the beautiful snow-ridden Sierra Mountains, District 4 is our backyard and playground. As your representative, I will listen, seek to understand, and advocate for the constituents of CA district 4.