Proponent of a substantial overhaul of U.S. healthcare system.  Create a hybrid program that infuses aspects of Japanś 70/30 split model, with price ceilings and innovative 21st Century reforms, to make healthcare convenient and cost effective; while still keeping it private, not government controlled.

3 Tier Brackets:

Birth-18yrs: 70/30 split, Medicaid, as needed

Ages 18-65: Competitive Insurance Market, Price Ceilings, Technological Convenience

Over 65yrs: 70/30 split, Medicaid, as needed

*Traumatic or unexpected illnesses/conditions can apply for Medicaid as needed.

Parent Bill of Rights

Fortify the First Amendment

-The First Amendment is under assault: Parent Rights are being eclipsed in both education and healthcare…what will be “mandated” next?

-It is high time to push back against the clear and obvious overreach by the government. Local school boards have a significant amount of say in how and when to implement the “inclusive” and sexual education curriculum. Parent voices are essential, and they must be provided, at minimum, with the ability to “opt out.”

-The “mandatory vaccination” debate is not whether one should vaccinate their child or not, but rather WHO should be the one to decide that? Our children are not “wards of the state.”

-Targeting our children in both educational and medical arenas should be alarming to ALL. This is not a partisan issue; it unites Grandparents, Parents, and Families of all walks of life.

-We must demand that families can raise their children how they see fit, not how the government dictates what they do. Basic First Amendment rights must be restored and fortified immediately.

-My first piece of legislation will be to introduce a Parent Bill of Rights at the national level.


We welcome immigrants and want them to THRIVE in the United States. We must reevaluate legislation to ensure the process and procedures of becoming a citizen are reasonable, while still holding those who come here illegally accountable; if you’re breaking the law, there are always consequences...why is immigration being treated differently?

I support the following proposals:

1) End illegal immigration once and for all with Resolute Border Enforcement.

2) Modify the RAISE bill in Congress and implement an extensive E-Verify system.

3) “Lift Up” global endeavors, particularly focused on Latin American countries.

4) Create SEZ (Special Economic Zones) with the help of the international business community to foster entrepreneurial growth and economic sufficiency.

5) Grant amnesty to all current illegal immigrants; this will be the LAST wave we absorb.

Economic Stability

Student Loan Debt Restructure

-Proponent of free trade with limited barriers on imports and exports. Modest protective tariffs can have an effective measure on Economic Patriotism: keeping American jobs here and placing the U.S. worker at the nexus of public policy.

-Maintain a fiscally conservative monetary policy to avoid inflation or recession; keeping taxes at a absolute minimum and exercising budgetary restraint. Harness the ideas of the Economic Innovation Group.

-“Dignity of Work:” Trade School, Apprenticeships, and Technical Degrees must be validated as much as 4 year college degrees.

-A major OVERHAUL of student loan structure; colleges MUST be held accountable for the rising and unsustainable amount of student debt in this country, which currently stands at $1.5 TRILLION.

Environmental Concerns Global Warming

Climate change must be addressed, but the world is NOT going to end in 12 years. If someone actually read the IPCC landmark and exhaustive report, it makes clear that action must be taken immediately. The goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement have stalled.

-America leads the world in curbing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

-Increasing international pressure on China and India is needed who emit, by far, the most carbon emissions.

-I support the Kigali Amendment:

-I support initiatives such as Oxy’s Carbon Capture Technology, the Ocean Cleanup Project, and the Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

-I favor sound, logical, and collaborative efforts to preserve the beautiful & pristine landscape we are blessed to live with in CA District 4, and the United States of America.

Foreign Policy

-Lead with strength by avoiding unnecessary wars; maintain top rate, powerful military in the event of a conflict. Diplomacy first.

-Russia, North Korea, and Iran are getting primary focus; the US should be paying MUCH closer attention to China: BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) should be alarming to all.

-Continue a global coalition of strong, independent nations to promote security, prosperity, and peace for ALL. Fight terrorism on every front.

-Will NOT create a single foreign policy strategy: assess the dynamics of each country, region, and conflict responding accordingly.